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Jan. 13th, 2030 06:18 pm
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The Remedy
An Epic One Piece Modern Day AU Fanfic

Summary )

Trigger Warnings )

Table of Contents: Main Story )

Table of Contents: Interludes )

Art and Fanart )
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Chapter Nineteen

Present: Say What You Need to Say )

Past: Learning to Breathe on my Own )
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Chapter Eighteen

Present: Goodness knows… )

Past: I am small, and the world is big )
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Chapter Seventeen

Present: One Day More )

Past:It's time to be brave... )
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Chapter Thirteen

Present: Can't anybody find me... )

Past: You can still be free... )
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Chapter Twelve

Present: You're the one I love )

Past: Part of your world )
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Chapter Eleven

Present: Come what may )

Past: Rumor has it )
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Chapter Ten

Present: Waiting for the sun to come to me… )

Past: Overprotected )
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Chapter Nine

Present: Fine by me )

Past: All about the wordplay )
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